Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dancing with the Stars - Season 15 - Week 1

Over the past 14 seasons of Dancing with the Stars I have always written mini-reviews of the show for friends and family.  This year, I thought: why not just put everything on my blog?  Things won't be as polished and detailed as, say, what's happening over at Lockhart Gardner: An Inside Look at The Good Wife, but maybe that's part of the fun.  Here's the place for quick thoughts, lots of dashes and plenty of commentary on sequins, feathers, footwork and the art of dance.  Please chime in and join me on this season 15 all-star journey!

Season 15, Week 1

Kym & Joey – These two are hilarious and so much fun to watch.  I wasn’t completely impressed with Joey’s dancing, but I definitely want to see more.  Also, as someone who sequins things, I can say with confidence that Joey’s glitter jacket was a serious masterpiece!  1 vote.

Shawn & Derek – Pa chow!  This dance was lively, fun, bright and energetic .  Quite frankly, I wanted to be Shawn Johnston during this entire routine.  I think this dance set the tone for the rest of the evening – these two are in it to win it! 3 votes.

Sabrina & Louis – Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeechless.  I may or may not have Cha Cha-ed in my living room while this team wasdancing.  It’s still shocking Sabrina was cut back in ’07, but tonight she proved that she is absolutely a mirror ball contender.  3 votes.

Helio & Chelsie – Before I even get to the dance, can I just give Chelsie 1,000 points for having the best dress?  If that was in my closet I would wear it everyday.  Now, to the dance.  I think these two have a great vibe.  They are polished and driven, but they aren’t so serious they forget to enjoy themselves.  This dance was fun and beautiful – kind of like how I think they will end up being when all is said and done. 1 vote.

Pamela & Damian – I found this dance to be… interesting.  I don’t think it was entirely coincidence the lyrics in the song said “you know I’m no good.”  I completely agree with Bruno – she needs to work harder, especially with this group of all-stars.  Early prediction: She’s not in it to win it.  No votes.

Tony and Melissa – These two are just the cutest – I love that they’re getting a second chance.  “Hey Big Spender” was such a fun number to start with (of course, Broadway always wins the day!).  Fun, flirty and worth 1 vote.

Apolo and Karina – Party Rockers in the House Tonight is a complete and total understatement! These two brought their A game and so much fun (and not just because they were in neon, but yes, that too).  Apolo is a true competitor and with Karina’s firey spirit, these two could be tough to beat.  1 vote.

Gilles and Peta – Be still my heart - Oh Gilles.  So handsome.  I loved this vintage and classic Foxtrot.  Everything about this dance was sophisticated and well thought out, especially for a week one number.  Beautiful and sweet – 1 vote.

Bristol & Mark – Two points for Bristol not being in a Gorilla suit to start the show.  All kidding aside, she’s looking good and much more confident than she was the last time we saw her.  It was almost like she was a whole new person.  I was kind of impressed at this transformation.  I’m completely with Carrie-Ann – she is definitely the most improved.  Look out Pamela, Bristol’s on your tail!  No votes (I don’t have enough to just be throwing around!).

Drew & Anna – Anna ‘tough love’ Trebuskya and Drew ‘save a horse’ Lachey.   I feel as though this is one of the strangest matches of the season, but so far it seems to be working.  One thing that might hold these two back is the fact Drew is a bit whimsical and Anna’s game-face is so strong I don’t know if they’ll end up having fun or just wanting to leave glass in the toes of each other’s shoes.  No votes.

Kelly & Val – I’ll be honest in saying I’ve never been Kelly’s biggest fan.   That said, I thought she rocked the Cha Cha, especially since she’s never done it before.  Interestingly, because season one was so short, she actually has less Dancing with the Stars experience than someone like Bristol.  I don’t know how that will play out in the long run, but for now, I think she and Val have a solid foundation from which to build.  It’s just too bad I don’t like either of them that much… .  No votes.

Kirstie & Maks – Kirstie’s eggplant coloured dress was just lovely.  For me, that was probably the highlight of this routine.  It was a little lackluster and a hint boring… in my opinion.  Now, the Tom Bergeron kiss definitely kicked things up a bit.  It’s just too bad that wasn’t part of the routine.  No votes.

Emmitt & Cheryl – I’ve always loved Emmitt in a jewel-toned shirt (and matching emerald shoes!), so tonight really didn’t disappoint.  This Cha Cha proved why this dynamic duo won their first mirror ball.  It was smooth, fun and so polished without looking too practiced.  What a great performance! 2 votes.

My Top 4:
  • Shawn and Derek
  • Sabrina and Louis
  • Gilles and Peta
  • Emmitt and Cheryl

My Bottom 2:
  • Pamela and Damian
  • Bristol and Mark

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